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Board of Governors

President, Olivia Adler


2016–2017 Officers

First Vice President (Auditions Chair), Michael Casassa, auditions@fmmc.org
Second Vice President (Membership Chair), Julia Moline, membership@fmmc.org
Third Vice President (Student Activities Chair), Christine Kharazian, studentactivities@fmmc.org
Recording Secretary, Judith Block
Treasurer, Jo-Ann Royer, donations@fmmc.org
Assistant Treasurer, Vacant
FMMC Foundation Director (ex officio), Leslie Luxemburg,  foundation@fmmc.org
Immediate Past President, Carol Wolfe-Ralph


Finance Director, Anne Zim, financedir@fmmc.org
Program Director, Jeongseon Choi, chamber@fmmc.org
Outreach Director, Sheyna Burt
Concerts in Schools Director, Fairlie Maginnes
Newsletter Editor, Carol Fromboluti, newsletter@fmmc.org
Yearbook Editor, Joanna Taylor, yearbook@fmmc.org
Public Relations Director, Vacant
Rules and Revisions, Robin Friedman, policies@fmmc.org
Member At Large, Nan Cooper, avantiorchestra@gmail.com
Member At Large, Sue Kelly
Orchestra Manager, Nan Cooper, orchestra@fmmc.org or avantiorchestra@gmail.com
Chorale Chair, Peter Baum, choralechair@fmmc.org
Composers Group Chair, David Rubenstein, composers@fmmc.org


Parliamentarian, to be appointed
Archivist, Gail MacColl
Administrative Assistant, Susanne Stevenson, office@fmmc.org