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Outreach Program

Sheyna Burt, Director

Valerie Matthews, Reports

Ann Meyer, Coordinator for DC and Maryland


The FMMC Music Outreach program provides concerts at community, retirement, and nursing centers throughout the metropolitan area. Associate or Performing FMMC members, either individuals or ensembles, volunteer their time for the program. Residents and clients of these facilities rarely have the opportunity to hear live classical music. They greatly appreciate our programs, and providing them is a valued part of the Club’s mission. Members can participate by (1) being included on a roster of musicians that the Outreach Program sends to facilities that have indicated interest in hosting performances, or (2) arranging a performance directly with a facility, including facilities not already on our list. Performances are typically 45 minutes to 1 hour in length with a mixture of classical and lighter material.

All arrangements are worked out directly between the site and the volunteer. The dates, names of Club participants, and feedback should be reported to the Outreach Program at outreach@fmmc.org. This allows us to document the extent of this important community service, as well as providing valuable information about the experience.

To be added to the roster of FMMC outreach volunteers or to the list of participating venues, contact the Outreach Program at outreach@fmmc.org. Facilities will be asked to provide information about the performance space, type of audience, standard time slots, and other times available, as well as contact information.

Participating Venues

For a list of venues that currently participate in our Outreach Program, click on Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia. To locate addional facilities in your area, click on the Retirement Facilities tab at the upper right.

Performance Reporting

All FMMC volunteers who have played in Outreach sites are urged to report their performances at least once a year no later than May 2, in time for the FMMC Annual Meeting. Listed Outreach volunteers are urged to report regularly throughout the year providing information found on the feedback cards supplied by the Outreach Program. Please email reports to Valerie Matthews at outreachreport@fmmc.org.