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Tips for Preparing an Outreach Performance


The following tips are summarized from comments of experienced volunteers and of activity professionals. The issues are relevant whether an activity professional or a volunteer initiates the contact. A discussion between the volunteer and the activity professional in advance is critical to a mutually satisfactory performance.

  • Describe the length and type of program you have in mind and confirm that this is what is desired by the audience.
  • Alternatively, find out what type of program would be enjoyed by the audience: all classical, a mix with popular, old favorite songs, or simply background music? If songs, are they likely to want to join in singing?
  • The audience: low or high functioning, a mix of both? Likely size? Would they like interaction with the performer, such as a description of each program item?
  • Will there be another activity taking place at the same time, such as a tea, or a wine and cheese event?
  • Will the activity professional or other staff member introduce the performers and be there to close the performance?
  • Room size, acoustics, temperature, quietness?
  • Piano, if used: type, condition, recently tuned? Keys and pedals in working order?
  • The performer or the activity professional should call a day or two beforehand to confirm date and arrival time, directions to the site, and to whom to report.
Program and Ensemble Creation

Volunteer performers are responsible for making contacts with other musicians to set up a program of more than one player. Musicians who are not FMMC members may perform with you.

Should you wish to seek other players for the purpose of forming an outreach ensemble, please write to outreach@fmmc.org to request a list of other FMMC volunteer performers. You may also request a notice in the FMMC monthly newsletter about your interest in creating an ensemble.