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Two activities the Club offers to piano-playing Club members are the Associate Pianists Group and the Music-At-Home Piano Groups.

Associate Pianists Group

Chair: Jackie Epstein


The FMMC Associate Pianists Group was started in the early 1950’s as a rehearsal group for performances at the Tuesday Afternoon Teas. By the 1960’s it developed into a performance group where pianists who were members of the FMMC could perform for each other in an informal, friendly, and supportive social atmosphere.

There are now two groups of the Associate Pianists–one based in Virginia and one in Maryland,with DC members split between the two groups. Both groups meet on the first Monday of the month 10 months of the year, rotating among members’ homes for the performance of solo, duet, and two-piano music. (Some, but not all, homes can accommodate two-piano performance.) Meetings start at 10:30 am. There is no meeting in January or August. If the first Monday of the month is a holiday, the meeting is generally held the following Monday. Members of the Associate Pianists must be members of the FMMC.

Each meeting has a host (the member at whose home the meeting is held) and a co-host. Since not every member’s home can easily accommodate a large group, these members may serve as co-host. Following the performances, attendees join in a very informal luncheon at which each has brought a sandwich to share, and the host and co-host provide salad, dessert, coffee, and tea. Meeting dates are listed in the Yearbook calendar.

For information on becoming an Associate Pianists playing group member, please contact Jackie Epstein, Chair, at assocpiano@fmmc.org.

Associate pianists are eligible to perform in FMMC’s Outreach program. See our Outreach page for more information.

Music-At-Home Piano Groups

Chair: Group 1—Noreen Lyday

Chair: Group 2—Mary Ellen Lavelle

Chair: Group 3—Dina Fleming

The Club’s Music-at-Home Piano groups gather in homes for music and refreshments. These groups are open to both Associate and Performing members. Each has around a dozen members and meets monthly from September to June with six or eight members present at each meeting. Currently, there are three groups, each with its own traditions and membership mix. Pianists interested in joining a group should contact the group chair for information about openings. New groups can be formed as the need arises. To form a new group, members should consult the current Chairs to learn about how they operate and write to membership@fmmc.org for assistance in finding other interested players and instructions on how to announce the group through the Newsletter and the Yearbook.