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Who We Are

A community of music lovers and musicians, the Friday Morning Music Club, Inc., has promoted classical music in the Washington area for over 130 years. FMMC’s public concerts—now held throughout the week—provide performing members with a host of outlets for their talents as well as delighting audiences in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. All concerts are free and performed as a public service. Outreach recitals at senior facilities, in-home musicales, and master classes provide additional opportunities for members to explore music together without audition. The Club also fosters the development of local talent through competitions for local students and recitals by student members. Through the Friday Morning Music Club Foundation, it supports renowned international competitions for emerging professional string players, pianists, and singers, and for composers.

The Club publishes a monthly newsletter for its members from September through May and an annual Yearbook and Membership Directory.

FMMC relies on modest annual dues, augmented by contributions, to cover its basic administrative and concert production expenses. The Club is run entirely by member volunteers at minimal cost, with the vast majority of its budget going to support its musical activities.

Check our calendar for coming concerts, peruse this site for FMMC performance opportunities and competitions, and get involved! Music lovers as well as musicians are welcome to join and support our activities.

The Friday Morning Music Club gratefully acknowledges assistance received from the Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington’s Business Volunteers for the Arts Program.