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Audition Information

Michael Casassa, Chair

Marta Howard, Assistant Chair


In order to appear in the Club’s public concerts, musicians must become FMMC Performance Members by successfully auditioning and then officially joining the Club, including paying Club dues. A nonrefundable deposit of $30 is charged for those wishing to audition for solo or chamber performance membership. The deposit may be submitted as a check or via PayPal. The deposit will be credited to the applicant’s first year club dues if the applicant is invited to become a performing member, or if the applicant decides to join as an associate member. Note: An applicant for performance membership may opt, in lieu of a live audition, to submit a “virtual” audition in video (not audio) format electronically via YouTube (see Virtual Auditions). Please note that if more than one member of a chamber ensemble is auditioning, each auditioning member submits an individual audition application and pays the deposit, and each is judged individually according to standards applicable to his or her instrument and its role in the ensemble.

Audition Application Forms

The Performance Audition Application is available in three fillable formats:

  • MS Word (form can be emailed or mailed in envelope; pay by check or use PayPal button below)
  • PDF (form can be emailed or mailed in envelope; pay by check or use PayPal button below)
  • Online (submit form and PayPal payment immediately) — coming soon!

To pay the $30 Performance Audition Application Fee online via PayPal, click the “Pay Now” button.

Club Dues

Annual Club membership dues are as follows:

Members ages 23–30 $60
Members ages 31–69 $95
Members age 70 or over $75
Student members ages 14–22 $25

Please go to our Membership page for more information and download a 2017-2018 Membership Form. There is no minimum age for performance membership. Students are eligible. However, most student members choose to participate in our student program, as explained on our Student Activities page.

Performance Membership Categories
  • Instrumentalist (not keyboard) — solo instrumental, chamber instrumental, orchestra
  • Keyboardist — harpsichord, organ, piano (solo piano, chamber piano [piano with other instruments], duo-piano, and four-hand), vocal accompaniment
  • Singer — solo, chorale, vocal coach
  • Composer
  • Conductor

To see audition requirements for the specific performance categories, please click on link below:
Virtual (YouTube)
Solo and Chamber Performance
Orchestra Performance
Choral Singing
Vocal Coaches

2017–2018 Audition Dates

Avanti Orchestra: Contact Nan Cooper at orchestra@fmmc.org or avantiorchestra@gmail.com to schedule an audition. Please include a brief bio of music experience. See Audition Requirements for Orchestra Performance for more information.

Solo or Chamber: Auditions for performance membership (including accompanists) are held three times a year, and all candidates must perform before an Auditions Committee. Audition dates are Wednesday, October 18, 2017 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm; and Wednesday, March 21, 2018 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The order in which candidates are heard is subject to change but usually vocalists first, then winds, strings, and finally pianists. All live auditions are held at the Calvary Baptist Church, 755 8th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001, phone (202) 347-8355.

Audition applications for the October audition date must be postmarked by Monday, September 18, 2017. Audition applications for the March audition date must be postmarked by Monday, February 21, 2018. Auditions for orchestra or chorale performance membership can be arranged at any time during the concert season. Composers and conductors, and vocal coaches, upon presentation of credentials, are examined by a committee of their peers.